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I love Christy and her whole family. Her husband Ron is a hard working dad, hockey fan, hilarious, makes awesome bacon and loving husband. Christy is a hard working mom, sweet, kind, funny, epic chocolate chip pancake maker and my photog buddy! I wish I could be a newborn photographer like her, but her talent is uniquely her own. The dedication she has to the business is apparent in everything she does. If your in Edmonton and making babies you can find her on Facebook or her website. Together they have three amazing, beautiful, wonderful, not shy with me at all, awesome kids Lilly, Lyndon & Lynnea.  Oh how I would have loved to take all three kids home. Their tiny kind gentle souls, and they laughed at my jokes. Not to sure Christy and Ron would have liked that. Oh well, I get to visit. My very first in-home lifestyle session with my VERY supportive photog friend and her AMAZING family… Thank you Christy & Ron. Your friendship means the world to me.

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