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My Friend Billie Depatie is inspiring with her sweet family, big goals and huge heart. Billie is a wonderful lifestyle photographer from right here in Alberta. Billie is the owner of  D4 Photography which covers everything from lifestyle, families, babies, weddings, maternity, engagement, and high school seniors.I first met Billie when I started volunteering for the Tiny Light Foundation, which she co founded with her best friend Melissa Depape. I was very happy that Billie agreed to an interview and excited to go through her answers. Watching Billie be more creative with every photo, learn and grow has been amazing and really why I called her inspiring. Following her dream and raising and family, Billie is one of my favorite role models.

You can find D4 photography website here, her Facebook here. More information about the Tiny Light Foundation can be found here.


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1.Tell me about yourself?

I am a fun loving person who loves anything that allows me to use my creativity. Photography & design brings me that creative release I need.

2. Where are you from in the world?

I was born and raised on a farm near Gibbons, AB.  I come from a huge family of loving caring people, who have made me who I am today.

3. Do you have a family, wife, husband, kids, crazy parents?

Yes I do. I have a wonderful husband, who is my high school sweetheart, we have been together for 19 years. We have two crazy awesome boys, the oldest is 15 and growing up so fast it breaks my heart. My youngest is 8 and he loves cuddles, so I will soak that up as long as  I can. I do have crazy parents and in laws, but I love them all!

4. How do you find balance between life and being business owner? Do you have a supportive village?

Well life is pretty crazy for me. Not only do I have my photography business but myself and a friend run a charity as well. So balancing life and work is a real juggling act. My family does support me, but I know they miss me when I am at the computer editing all evening. My work is important to me, but I will ALWAYS be there for my family when they need me.

5. How do you describe your style of photography?

I don’t now how I would describe my style, if I even have one.


6. What equipment do you use the most? favorite lens?

I have the Canon 5D Mark ii, it is new and I love it! I saved up for it for a while. My favorite lens is my 50mm 2.8, I use it for every session I shoot…..even my weddings, along with my 24-70mm.

7. What is your dream equipment, something you drool over?

Oh I drool over everything. 70-200mm 2.8, 35mm, Canon 5D Mark iii! Like I said you name it I want it. If I was to purchase something tomorrow it would be the 70-200mm 2.8 though.

8. Do you have any advise for up and coming photographers, the good, the bad, the ugly advice?

Work at what you love to do. People love to be negative and say all the things your doing wrong. Don’t listen, stick with what you love and you will be just fine.

9. what is your pet peve during a session?

When I shoot a wedding or a couple and the guy is complaining the entire time, I feel like saying “C’mon buddy it is 2 hours out of your life man up and just do it for your girl” 🙂

10. Favorite food to put in your mouth?

You are going to think I am crazy, but I love half frozen fruit. Berries, mango, anything. Oh and sweets.


11. Most embarrassing moment during a session?

Does it have to be about me? I haven’t had any yet that I can recall. But my second shooter/assistant has! We were shooting a wedding and she was shooting and walking backwards and tripped over my camera bag and fell on her butt. Funniest thing ever! I of course rushed to help her and see if she was okay……while laughing. I love her!!

12. Who are your role models in life and photography?

Wow tough questions Sherri! My role model in life……..not sure I have one actually. I just try and go through life doing the right thing and being a caring and compassionate person to everyone. Role model in photography…………hummmm Sue Bryce, Meg Borders, Tara Swain……….there are more. I have so many photographers I look up to. Such talented people out there.

13. If you could be any Star Wars character which one would you be and why?

Princess Leia of course.

14. If stranded on an island, which five things would you bring?

Water, camera, paper and pens, and my family if that can count as one thing 🙂

15. Favorite author to read?

I am a horrible reader. When I do read I dive in head first, but I don’t read enough to have a favorite.


16. Who would be your dream photographer for your own family session?

Meg Borders

17. What are your strengths and weaknesses in photography?

Photography is the one thing I have done in my life that I feel confident in, I don’t get nervous. That is huge for me and definitely a strength. When I shoot a session I always rush myself, not sure why but I always feel like I have to go go go. I need to slow down and focus.

18. What do you love more color images or black & white?

I think I like both equally, maybe color a bit more……a bit.

19. Do you have any photography goals or plans for the future?

I definitely want to become busier and have a huge client base.

20. Nikon, Canon, or other?


IMG_3254 copy

21.Lightroom or Photoshop?

Both for sure. I had only Photoshop for the first couple years, not sure how I did it without Lightroom.

22. Favorite place to travel?

I want to sit on a beach and look out into the never ending ocean once in my life.

23. What is your favorite movie and why?

Many favorites many many. But one I can think of now is Dirty Dancing. Just love that movie, everything about it. The romance, the dancing, Patrick Swayze, the music………….it’s all just mmmm.

24. Do you use props or no props?

A bit of both

25. Favorite tv show growing up?



26.Favorite quote?

I am quoteless

27. RAW or JPEG?

RAW absolutely

28.Favorite band?

I have many favorites if I had to pick just one it would be Volbeat.


29. Did you learn photography in school or self taught?

Self taught

30. Anything weird in your camera bag?



31. What’s your favorite place to shoot, location?

My parents farm. It is where I grew up and I love every bit of it. It is a huge place so there are countless places for me to shoot any session.

32. What is the worse thing clients can do to ruin a session?

Come to the session with a poor attitude. Being photographed for 1-2 hours is not going to kill you. Suck it up and have fun!

34.Name three things that people might be surprised about.

I am pretty open so I don’t think there is anything people would be surprised about.

35. What is your lucky number?

Pfffft lucky, what is that?


36. If you couldn’t be a photographer what would your dream job be?

I secretly would love to be a tattoo artist.

37. What do you think it’s like on the moon?

Amazing and scary at the same time.









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