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I have never done anything like this before, but I FULLY believe in sharing. Besides if I can explain what I did then I have mastered my art, almost. Lightroom 5 is my baby, I use it for all my photo edits and learning something new about almost everyday. Recently I have figured out the cloning tool in Lightroom 5 has been updated to do amazing things. You can now click and hold using the cloning tool like a paint brush, so no more just cloning circles!
Thank you Lightroom 5! Also you can click, hold and shift, making a straight line clone, See ya later telephone wires!!

sherri abrams photography before and after

sherri abrams photography before and after

I’m learning. I have a long way to go, but I wanted to share and take people with me. I shared this photo in a group and got an overwhelming response on how I did the editing.

I have not mastered this yet, and I have not mastered how to screen capture to share either, so bare with me.

the song playing is Eddie Vedder acoustic cover of the Beatles song “Hide Your Love Away”…I was listening and had no idea it would pick up on the video, but very happy there’s not three screaming kids in the background:)



and here’s the photo almost all done and ready for printing:) I hope this helps:)

sherri abrams photography

sherri abrams photography

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